Jan 31, 2006

going japanese

i hate japanese food. number one reason is, i love my food piping hot and most japanese food are savory but cold. second, is that they serve a variety of raw fish/seafoods. third, i puked when i ate a very inviting sushi with a humongous crabstick on top. since then, i vowed not to eat anything japanese except for tempura. and then one time my friend convinced me to eat at teriyaki boy...it was a fairly new japanese restaurant back then. i was convinced primarily because of the tofu steak...i'm such a tofu fanatic. then she asked me to try out the california maki i knew that it might end my teriyaki boy experience in an instant, however it proved me otherwise. the maki was different because it has japanese mayo...making it creamy (i love mayo) and the ebikko provides a different texture, making my california maki experience worthwhile. since then, i have been a fan of teriyaki boy's california maki...i repeat it should be teriyaki boy's i don't care if it is a bit pricey compared to other's. but lately i have been surrounded by japanese food enthusiasts that eating maki from any resto has become normal. i am even suprised to find myself craving for a maki. but now, i still have another feat to conquer and that is eating sashimi, only then will i be able to say that i am a complete convert. next time i eat out i'll try taking pictures to put into this blog. well till next time.