Jul 5, 2009

kl: xin wah

was thinking on where to have lunch post the sunday mass and we decided to go the the nearby queen's park where there is a steamboat resto. unfortunately, the resto was closed and we had to choose between the two restos on each side of the steamboat place.

i was partial to the one with more customers so we headed to xin wah. when we sat down, an auntie (common term for older chinese women) asked us immediately, bak kut teh? oh they have bak kut teh and we immediately said yes. actually, bkt is in my must try list. for a foodie like me, who hasn't tried it out yet even after months of being in kl would seem to be such a loser. bkt is pork in tea, something like that. basically, pork cooked in a broth of tea and spices.

been reading about bkt since i wanted to find a decent place in kl which serves this and when the auntie said yau char kwai? i said yes. it's basically chinese crullers that are dunked into the broth of the bkt.

and of course, the much anticipated bak kut teh.

it's made of different cuts of pork - belly, ribs and intestines. oh i loved the intestines hehe i miss isaw badly. topped with wansuy and a bean curd sheet. the broth has a hint of bitter taste but it was not overpowering at all. the dip is similar to shabu shabu/steamboat in manila, lots of chopped chilli and garlic with soy sauce according to your preference.

bkt, is a must try. the only place i know in manila that serves this is ockt and as far as i can remember the price is a bit steep. i am not exactly sure on how much the bkt was but probably it was Rm15 or around 200 PHP and it was really a huge serving good for two starving people hehe.

xin wah
queen's park
jalan shelly, kuala lumpur

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