Jul 27, 2009

okonomiyaki at low yat

aaack! i am such a lazy blogger...sorry folks been preoccupied with my farm hehe. yeap joined the farm town bandwagon. well, here's a quick post before the month ends.

i have always wanted to try okonomiyaki. read a lot about kagura in little tokyo but didn't get the chance to go there. been reading a lot about kl food finds and i stumbled about this okonomiyaki place at low yat plaza. low yat is the I.T. hub in kl so for anyone who plans to buy gadgets this is the place to be.

the ground level is basically the resto area...cannot say food court since it doesn't look like one. my friend got to try this already so i was so excited. we got seafood okonomiyaki. watched the chef prepared it with a thin layer of egg and then the veggies and the meats and all the ingredients.

it was good. but truth be told i was not ecstatic, i expected it to be crunchy but it wasn't. with all the ingredients i could imagine how much moisture there is but i still wonder whether this is how okonomiyaki should be. now, i really have to try kagura to find out. but this one is pretty good it just fell short of what i imagined it to be. we even ordered extra scallops teppanyaki which was so tender.

i forgot how much this was but could be RM30-50 including three bottomless green teas.

ground level
low yat plaza, kl


  1. Awww... too bad.... Dito ka nlang mag okonomiyaki :D

  2. so it should be crunchy ba? lots of japanese folks eat there so feeling ng friend ko authentic daw yun. i don't have a point of comparison pa. have to try kagura when i get back!

  3. Anonymous4:46 PM

    the scallops looks oh so good

  4. yup the scallops were really nice

  5. Not really crunchy.. medyo combination of crunch and gummy.. heehee!

  6. ayun yung saken gummy lang hehe