Aug 1, 2009

kl: din tai fung

din tai fung is a taiwanese resto chain famous for its xiao long bao. when i've read one of the malaysian food blogs regarding this chain i suddenly remembered several pinoy blogposts regarding this resto as well. i wanted to find out how din tai fung's xiao long bao fair against dragon-i's.

we got some japanese cucumbers, i dunno how it was prepared somewhat pickled but it's not sour and has a slight hint of sesame, a good way to cleanse the palate.

of course we got the famous xiao long bao (RM8.90) for six pieces. i find dragon-i's xlb much better. the wrapper of din tai fung is thinner but i find it dry even though it's piping hot and has a lot of steam in it. also, the soup and meat filling is not remarkable unlike dragon-i's stuffing which even got better with the addition of the dark vinegar.

i love noodles and so i opted the cha jiang la mien (RM12). it's dry noodles topped with sauteed pork. the noodles are perfect, springy and fresh and the topping has enough sauce to coat the noodles. loved this dish.

for my rice loving friends we got the following viands.

fried pork chop (RM9.80). looks plain and simple but quite tasty. this is actually a best seller.

kung bao chicken (RM15.80) chicken that has a balance of sweet and salty with cashews. good tasting but nothing spectacular.

also got tofu (RM15.80) forgot the exact name. it's a block of tofu topped with nori - fried and then braised with mushrooms and spinach. a bit less salty but still flavorful...and the silky tofu is just a delight.

last but not the least is the crowd favorite, salted egg prawn (RM24.80). fried prawns dipped in salted egg (salted egg here is fresh not the ones we buy that is already cooked). the egg was very airy which gave it a nice light crispy coating. loved it.

din tai fung
lower ground level the gardens,
mid valley city, kuala lumpur


  1. always enjoyed din tai fung food.

  2. there's always a long queue here.