Aug 23, 2009

kl: jalan alor

jalan alor is a tourist hotspot, an entire street lined up with hawker stalls in the heart of kl. though touristy i believe it should be a foodie destination as well. only got to try this after months of being here in kl.

stores open at around 5-6 pm. usually one resto is comprised of several stalls. ordering is centralized but you pay up every time they bring food to your table especially if they come from different "stalls." tried cu cha restaurant which is next to dragon view the corner lot of changkat bukit bintang and jalan alor.

i got my must try food items.

chicken wings - these are famous here in jalan alor. actually wong ah wah which is on the other end of the street is said to be the best place to get your chicken wings. but this one was good as well.

char kway teow (ckt) - my favorite. this is one of my favorite noodle dishes even before coming over here. i learned a couple of things about ckt. first, there's also a wet version. the wet one has a lot of sauce. second, cockles is a must in a ckt. hmmm, dont' think they have that back in manila. anyway, this is the best ckt i've had. but i'm sure the penang version would be better since they say penang food is really good.

oyster omelette - another hawker dish. this is my first time to try it so i have no point of comparison. but i liked this one, the egg is crisp and not oily and the oysters are well done.

ikan pari - grilled stringray topped with sambal sauce. loved this one also. ahh no misses so far.

buttered prawns - yes buttered and not battered. you can find buttered squid, buttered chicken, etc. here in kl. everything has butter/margarine. this dish looks pretty good right...but i think it lacks the buttery flavor. it would have been much better with more planta (butter/margarine).

steamed fish - not a unique hawker fare but this one is good steamed lapu lapu/pearl fish i am not sure which type this one is. the fish was fresh and the light soy just made this dish pleasing to the palate. ok here's the after shot just to show you how much we enjoyed it hehe.

when tofu lovers dine out...there's got to be something tofu.

tofu hotpot - this one has the eggy type tofu which is very silky. mild flavors which provided a contrast with our other food items. all the tofu lovers loved this one.

and for dessert...

super lolo (i think) - shaved ice topped with fruits. fruits were fresh...the syrup has just enough sweetness. a perfect ending.

sorry folks no prices because i think i lost the piece of paper where we wrote everything. but all these items which were ordered in the largest serving while the ckt was around 3 orders plus drinks and rice the damage was around RM18-20 which is roughly PHP260 or less for 8 persons. watcha think? i think it was worth every ringgit spent =).

cu cha restaurant
jalan alor, kuala lumpur


  1. Ahhhh..I miss Jalan Alor! We eat there almost every weekend before! And we always order these: CKT, Grilled Stingray and the buttered prawns.

    Now I am craving for CKT! It's one of my favorite food!

  2. yeah i remember your post on this one. if i'm not mistaken we ate at where you used to eat. you should try the oyster omelette when you come by here =).