Sep 8, 2009

kl: world of dimsum

one of my long overdue post. the pictures are bad because i was trembling due to hunger. my friends and i met up and decided to ride the bus instead of getting a taxi since we had a lot of time to spare. we rode on a different bus of which route we were not sure of. to make the long story short we had a road trip since we didn't get off at where we should have gotten off and had to wait for it to go back. by the time we got to world of dimsum we were famished. here are the stuff we got.

hokkien mee - first time i tried this dish. has the distinct soy flavor and the pork rind/chicharon flavor was very evident. liked it but it was too oily. dunno how much this was, around RM 5-7 probably.

steamed charsiu buns (siopao or siu pau) - it was ok nothing to rave about.

dimsum feast!

hakao/har gau - chunks of shrimp inside a nice dumpling wrapper

siomai/siu mai - typical pork dumpling topped with something that appears to be a roe of some sort

japanese dimsum - typical dimsum...pork crabsticks wrapped in nori

and of course chicken dimsum staple.

the dimsum costs around RM 3-4...roughly 50 pesos each. pretty cheap if you ask me. however, the quality is so so. nothing to rave about. this typical dimsum place serve them heated up, in short they were chilled not so much of an illusion for having them freshly made. plus they were served with the usual chilli and sweet sauce not the once we have back in manila. it was a quick fix but i'd probably try the other dimsum restos in the area or better yet go to the city center to get a fix from my favorite dimsum place. have yet to write about it as soon as i get more pictures.

world of dimsum
jalan radin
sri petaling, kuala lumpur

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