Sep 12, 2009

unagi feast at sushi king

was browsing the net and i saw the sushi king promo of all things unagi for the month of august. i suddenly craved for unagi.

similar to sakae, sushi king also has the conveyor belts where you can choose your sushi from. prices vary depending on the colors of the plates.

as much as i wanted to order all the unagi offerings, i had to settle for just a couple. here's what i got.

unagi nishoku (RM6) cucumber sushi wrapped in unagi with ebikko on top. there's nothing special with the wasabi flavored ebikko - actually it didn't have any distinct taste. i love japanese mayo and of course unagi so i wouldn't complain though i think the price seem to be pretty steep for this one.

unagi ikada sushi (RM4) basically tamago sushi with unagi on top. unagi has the right thickness it was nice but nothing special. enough to satiate my unagi craving.

we also had tempura, chicken karaage and fried rice...i wonder where the pictures were or did i forget to take them. i think sushi king has better sushi than sakae but seems to be pricier as well. anyway, sushi king can be found almost everywhere in kl so you can easily spot one.

sushi king
low yat plaza
bukit bintang,kl

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