Apr 30, 2009

kl: sakae sushi

the other weekend while deciding on where to eat at klcc, i dismissed the japanese option which as it turns out was sakae. so i looked it up and found that they've got pretty decent reviews and when i read about the soft shell crab temaki i got excited.

so when i went to klcc again, i made it a point to try sakae. they're famous for the conveyor belt from which you choose your food items. the plates are color coded based on their prices.

i got the unagi maki. the combination of eel and crunchy salmon skin was perfect and at RM5.90 for 4 pcs i would think it was a steal. i mean can you really get something like that back in manila for the same price? it was a quick fix for my unagi craving.

the softshell crab temaki took the longest time. and it was not worth to the wait. the crab was skinny...i'm sure there is a better way of describing the crab but think like someone placed a talangka sized crab in your temaki and i was practically eating just nori, at RM5.90 a piece it's definitely not worth it. now, i am still thinking about sugi's soft shell crab roll.

for drinks i picked the most unique item which is mogu mogu. a japanese drink in various flavors with nata de coco. the nata de coco is crushed up in little pieces making it fun to drink. the drink was more expensive than the food items at RM6.90 for a small bottle.

i finally got that sakae must try out of my system. maybe in a more sit down meal i could savor and try more food items.

sakae sushi
ampang mall
5th level, suriaklcc


  1. There's also sakae sushi here in the fort and MOA... ok ok lang sya nothing grand pero same concept :)

  2. yeah...when one of my friends said it's nothing special i didn't want to try it anymore there in manila. but here, it seems much better - well the place that is. as for the food, it's just ok. i'll go back for the cheap unagi roll and the soup cooked in paper =).