Apr 1, 2009

pl in kl

i decided to eat at pepper lunch because i wanted to find out if the the rumors are true. rumors that pl in manila is better tasting. to prove that, i went for my favorite cut steak and burger combo. unfortunately, the cashier didn't hear me and she added egg too.

the verdict? first, i wasn't happy with the cut steak. the cut steak in manila has fat which makes it more yummy, definitely unhealthy but more yummy! and the burger? well, i'd have to say that probably there is a difference. the burger i've tried here in kl didn't have that taste that lingers in your palate. unlike in manila wherein you'd be dreaming of eating it for the next day. but still, the burger here has a distinct flavor too which makes it interesting and pleasing to the palate. i cannot exactly figure out the difference if it's the flavor or the intensity of the flavor. maybe the ones here are mildly seasoned compared to manila's.because of these, i'd have to say that i prefer manila's cut steak and burger combo but of course i might just be getting a wee bit biased =).

pepper lunch
pavilion, kl


  1. Hey! You're here in KL now! =)

    I agree, the food in PL Manila tastes way better than here.

  2. yup im here na. yeah i was supposed to comment on your pl post but then i had to compare it myself. probably the reason why you finished your pl meals in manila =).

  3. Having spent some time abroad, I admit it's true: food here in the Philippines is LOTS better than anywhere else!

    (Pity you're in KL na; I just opened my bake-to-order biz today...)

  4. yeah, food in manila is more flavorful well except for local cuisines of course. wow, goodluck on your new venture then =).