Mar 30, 2009

cpk at klcc

cpk??? well, if you have been eating the local fare everyday, i'm sure that american or anything western would be such a treat. and this was indeed a treat. r1 came from singapore to kl to celebrate his birthday.

for appetizers we got lettuce wrap with chicken and water chestnuts on a bed of vermicelli. this is an asian inspired dish which i could not fit into a particular cuisine. despite the asian flavor, i still found the dish refreshing.

spaghetti bolognese, i'd never thought we'd order this but r seems to be craving for plain old spaghetti, as such we got this. the only criticism is it lacks salt but the flavors are all there even the beef which i could distinctly taste. salt just makes a dish perfect - it accentuates the distinct flavors of the ingredients and i wished it had more cheese.

chicken bqq pizza - reminiscing our domino's delivery days in manila. honestly? domino's bbq chicken pizza in manila tastes better than cpk's version. don't get me wrong, this pizza was good and seasoned well but domino's is so much more fun to eat =).

for dessert, we got the red velvet. ah! perfectly done if you ask me. though i have yet to try karen young's. this one is moist and the frosting was made with cream cheese and white chocolate. loved it!

we also got a freebie sundae because of r's birthday which needs to be validated btw. you need to provide a proof of birthdate hehe and funny how they presented the treat with a birthday song over their sound corny/embarassing song number from the crew.

for a chain such as cpk, you will not expect to have big misses. usually, it's just a matter of whether it was worth what you paid for. fortunately, someone covered the bill for this one. but i must say that at RM20 for a slice of cake...i would never have dessert. yup, the red velvet costs more than the appetizer. oh well, it was still a celebration and i'm sure r didn't feel the hefty price hehe.

happy birthday r1!

california pizza kitchen


  1. ang saya! sadly, we don't have cpk in tokyo ;-(

  2. i hope you have cpk alternatives in tokyo. thanks for visiting cpsanti =).