Mar 16, 2009

kl: tcrs take two

remember my chicken rice shop post, a year ago? just click on the link in case you forgot or haven't read it yet. there's one "makulit' comment made by someone asking me if i ate chicken rice. after all, that's their specialty right? well i didn't, so when i saw tcrs the other day, i knew where i was eating...i was thinking about esquire again actually.

chicken rice pertains to the rice, it doesn't pertain to the viand. the rice is cooked in chicken broth and is yellowish in color.

at tcrs you get to choose your chicken of choice - steamed, roasted and bbq, not sure on the bbq variant. i chose steamed...hmmm the problem is it's not for the squirmish because it still has blood. they might consider it cooked already but i kept on thinking about salmonella the whole time that i made sure i only eat the really opaque parts. it comes with ginger and chilli sauce which makes the chicken more flavorful. i'd have to say it was a good meal except for bloody parts, i dunno if you can request it to be cooked further or that's how they really serve it. but i was really happy with the meal, i opted to order the single set and iced lemon tea (btw, iced teas here are made from scratch which i think is way much better than the ones in manila) my meal set me back around RM12. there are set meals that costs around RM14 which i deem is more cheap considering you get a side dish, dessert and drinks. if you've got a bigger appetite then just go for the set meal, otherwise just get the solo.

the chicken rice shop
kl sentral
midvalley megamall


  1. this is really comfort food for me. really simple fare that's also healthy! ;-)

  2. yeah it is. thanks for visiting caryn!