Aug 20, 2008

KL: the chicken rice shop

with time to spare at the KL Sentral station, we decided to get a morning snack. we found the chicken rice shop and tried out one of their breakfast meals.

the meal consists of plain noodles with wonton and some brocolli. it was a decent set of noodles but not tasty enough. the red chilli condiment that comes with fish sauce does not complement the dish well.

for drinks we had the teh tarik. it's malaysia's traditional milk tea. the foam on top is generated from how they pour the tea from the kettle to the mug/cup.

the chicken rice shop

kl sentral train station


  1. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Did you try their chicken ricccccceeeeeeeee???? You should have tried their chicken rice! Kaya nga chicken rice shop eh. heheheh *peace*. It's actually pretty good.

  2. noooooooooo! hehe. it was too early for kanin kase hehe.