Aug 6, 2008

trying out classic cuisine

seen and read about C2 but didn’t get interested because i don’t fancy eating filipino cuisine whenever i’m out (except for sentro which i love). but b was raving about it recently that when i found myself at the shang, i decided to give it a shot.

we all wanted a cholesterol overload that we just got everything someone with heart problems should not eat.

got pinakbet with bagnet (PHP 220). i was disappointed with this, it seemed like a dish whipped out from someone’s kitchen and definitely not mine.

also got lechon kawali with bagoong (PHP 265), overcooked fried pork pieces is how i will describe it.

i love pork humba and b recommended this so it was on my list. the pork was tender…the pork was tender…tender…did i mention that already? gheez it was too salty and i actually couldn’t figure out how it became humba.

as if the fat intensive dishes weren’t enough, we got aligue rice (PHP 105). verdict? so so. well i guess that’s it, nothing more to say.

the ledge, shangri-la mall

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