Aug 29, 2008

deconstructing royce'

i am not a chocolate lover but the raves for royce's nama got my curiosity.

the other variants of royce chocolates can be stored at room temperature except for the nama which needs to be maintained at a certain temperature.

when i found myself at suriaklcc i immediately thought of getting the nama at isetan which is relatively cheaper compared to getting it in manila.

the chocolate is wrapped in a thermal bag with an ice pack to keep it cool for 4 hours at the most to maintain it's consistency and form.

the nama is wrapped like a gift, the colors determine the flavor. i got me self the mild cacao variant.

after removing the paper wrapping, you'd find yourself a box that looks like the wrapping. talk about spending a lot on packaging.

when you open the box, you'd see a plastic container with the precious nama inside.

the nama is a block of chocolate that is cut into smaller squares with powdered cocoa. you also get a small plastic that helps you cut through the square to pick one.

i was able to try the white and milk chocolate variants but i opted for the mild cacao. i liked it because it's not too sweet and find it less bitter than milk chocolate which i found weird since i'd expect the opposite. the nama has a smooth and velvety texture that simply melts in your mouth. for choco lovers, this is a must try.

suriaklcc, kuala lumpur

konbini store
connecticut st. greenhills


  1. what a great find... very nice packaging... i bet half of the price of this went to the packaging cost... :)