Aug 22, 2008

KL: madam kwan's

i've read about madam kwan's and its good reviews plus a disclaimer of being relatively more expensive compared to hawker food/other malaysian restaurants. however, its accessibility made it a viable option for me.

it has great interiors, a posh way to try malaysian cuisine. i got the ever famous nasi lemak. i didn't want to be disappointed with this dish so i opted to get it here. it was all good...spicy which i like. the chicken curry was just right, the coconut flavor of the rice was not over powering, the dilis (anchovies) was spicy which made a nice contrast of flavors with the bland hard boiled egg.

my friends got nasi bojari which is a huge set meal. the meal has beef rendang, fried chicken, boiled egg and assam prawns. a good meal for someone with a huge appetite or someone who has not eaten lunch by 5pm hehe.

here's an ala carte shot of the beef rendang. shredded beef cooked in a spicy red sauce. hot hot hot...perfect with lots of rice.

dehydrated with all the walking, i simply opted for water and they only serve evian. pricey but atleast i got it with a slice of lemon ;).

here's shot of their menu items.

madam kwan's

4th level

suria klcc


  1. a helpful tip for those visiting KL soon... thanks for sharing :)

  2. thanks for visiting. watch out for another KL post.

  3. I saw Madam Kwan's when I went to KL late last yr but I never got to try it. But Suria KLCC is one of the favorite places in KL. :-)

  4. yeah very nice mall b'ley sana lang i have mucho dinero to spend there.

  5. Shella, halos maubos nga yung pocket money ko na baon when I went to Suria KLCC eh. Sale pa naman that time. hehe.

  6. yup sale ren ngayon pero surprisingly wala akong nabili...everyday it was packed with people shopping hehe.