Aug 24, 2008

KL: mcdo

whenever i am out of the country, i make it a point to eat at mcdonald's. it's a long story on why i do this, but surprisingly i discovered a friend who does the same thing hehe.

for a quick snack, i got the banana pie. this one ain't available in manila so it was an obvious choice. it actually tastes good, would have been better if it was piping hot with a more flaky crust.

took a photo of their ketchup container too, it looks like a mini platito...sounds redundant since platito is already a small plate but think of a smaller platito in plastic form. the vessel is shallow thus containing a smaller amount of ketchup.

and look at this ad....they have onion rings? too bad they only serve breakfast when we got there.


bukit bintang, kl

1 comment:

  1. looks like an interesting McDo finds... :)