Aug 24, 2008

KL: little penang cafe

i always end up at suria klcc after a tiring day so i don't have any option but eat at resto's there. i've learned about little penang cafe so we gave it a shot.

we got two types of set meals both costing 13.50 RM. the first one is with a five spice chicken and sambal prawns with a choice of side dish (juhu char).

i got the kari hantu set which has penang beef curry, so hot but pleasing to my palate. it comes with lobak, chicken wrapped in soybean think kikiam but instead of unrecognizable ingredients you get chunks of chicken instead. also opted for juhu char as a side dish which is turnip cooked with prawns and dried cuttlefish. has the same texture and looks like lumpia stuffing made of green papaya but has this fishy taste which probably comes from the cuttlefish.

for dessert, we had ice kacang (4.80 RM) a traditional malay dessert. their version of halo halo. it has ice, milk, bananas, black gulaman, something that seems to be a light colored raisin, beans, sweet corn, a red syrup and peanuts on top. very appealing on a hot summer day but i'll probably still opt for the pinoy version.

here's the malay version of coke.

i'd have to say that it was the pangs of hunger that compelled us to finish our meals. maybe it was the choice of food items but i'd have to say that it wasn't as delectable or satiating as i expected. if you want to try it, it's at the fourth level of suriaklcc. cheaper than madam kwan's and it's busy too, so locals like it here as well. you might wanna try the specials instead.

little penang cafe

4th level suriaklcc

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