Aug 21, 2008

KL: roti fix

we found ourselves hungry at batu caves. however, we weren't able to find any decent food establishment since they all offer vegetarian cuisine only. we found an establishment that offers roti. since i love roti, i convinced my friends to give it a try.

had roti planta which is roti with butter. has a great combination of sugar and butter that made it oh so sinful and the warm crisp texture made it delectable.

also got roti canai, it was soft and much better than the ones i've had here in manila. but since roti canai is plain roti and the dip they gave wasn't pleasing to our palates this ended up as a none favorite.

each roti costs 2RM, around 26PHP which is not bad if you ask me.

roti shop

foot of the steps to batu caves

left side if you are facing the stairs

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