Aug 4, 2008

i want some claws, daddy!

had dinner at clawdaddy and got some freebie broiled corn.

was craving for seafood so we got the crab and seafood boil (PHP 1000 ++) for two. the meal includes a pitcher of iced tea/lemonade, clam chowder, a platter of seafoods and a big wedge of watermelon.

the chowder was good, flavorful with lots of bacon bits and clam pieces and potato.

the seafood platter is huge, could probably feed 2-4 people, it has 2 lobsters, a small crab, clams, mussels, shrimps, fresh water prawns (ulang) and a huge sausage (hungarian I think) and more corn!

definitely a filling meal and as far as i’m concerned it’s great value for your money.


shangri-la mall

bonifacio high street

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