Jul 18, 2008

freezy at yoh-gurt froz

here's another froyo fix. yoh-gurt froz is found at the thompson square parking lot along tomas morato and as far as i can remember they recently opened branches at robinson's galleria robinson's place ermita and sm moa.

yoh-gurt froz is basically softserve yogurt ice cream. it has more variety compared to yogurbud. the texture is more fine and it's creamy without much of the tangy yogurt flavor. the flavors are infused by blending the frozen fruits with plain ice cream.

here's a langka and cheese cone. very filipino in flavor not as creamy as your normal ice cream but delish and healthy.

the fruity froz is a combination of blended yogurt and actual fruit pieces. again, another disappointment because of the frozen fruits. heard that white hat now offers froyo with fresh fruits which i have yet to try.

i like this better than yogurbud because of its texture in my palate. i hope they could do something about the fruits. it's really better with fresh fruits.

yoh-gurt froz
thompson square
tomas morato


  1. Yoh-gurt Froz10:26 AM

    We're glad you liked your Yoh-gurt Froz!

    We just opened our 3rd branch at Robinsons Place Manila, Level 3, Midtown Wing, right across Toys R' Us. We also have a new frozen yogurt product, the Classic Fro-yo, which has the classic tangy taste of yogurt, and which can be topped with fresh fruits and other top-ins. Check it out and try it for yourself! :)

  2. i was trying to find a yogurt place during my last trip in the philippines!! whoohoo! im glad to read that a yogurt place exists in the philippines!

  3. yup...lot of yogurt places sprouting in the metro but still no pinkberry =(