Jul 4, 2008

korean @ koreano

a dinner reroute led us to makati ave. i want something spicy and there were loads of korean restos in the vicinity. but which one? g called up her colleague and asked where sam oh's family resto is ( for those who don't know her she's the korean host in etc who has now moved to qtv).

this option is fail proof since it's guaranteed to be authentic given that sam oh's aunt owns the place. luckily we found it.

when we got seated, i immediately noticed the wrapped spoons. how sanitary could it get?

we got the usual free appetizers. my favorites are the pickled cucumber and the pickled ampalaya and radish. the flavor of the kangkong is unique and interesting - would have loved it warm.

we got the sang gyup sal (PHP 200++). thin pork slices wrapped in lettuce with red soybean paste.

i prefer thinner slices of pork. this one is a bit thick which makes it harder to wrap and roll.

this is the first time i encountered sesame leaves. i didn't like the taste, think fresh oregano - almost the same texture but milder in flavor.

for something spicy we got the squid (PHP 200++). this is a winner. we love the flavor of the dish, a good balance of sweet, spicy and salty. we even used the sauce and added them in our sang gyup sal wraps. the squid is also tender. i know i will be craving for this dish.

it was a good meal. we got what we came for. our palates were satiated, i ought to eat more korean to know which one serves the best dishes.

koreano restaurant
mariano st.

(from makati ave turn right to gen. luna
the corner where wendy's is. then right to mariano,
the first street on the right)

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  1. Anonymous3:27 PM

    My first time to encounter sesame leaves too!