Aug 18, 2008

KL: nando's take two

wasn't impressed with my first nando's outing but i was curious to find out whether the asian/malaysian version will be better. unfortunately, it was not, chicken tasted the same. i had chicken pita this time but it was unimpressive still.

my friends had the chicken with mediterranean rice which is not available in the uk.

the price is relatively steep and i'd recommend eating somewhere else. maybe secret recipe will give you a better value for your money.


midvalley megamall


  1. ...but I love nando's!!! Have you tried just the normal chicken? Pile up on the sauce too. =)

  2. yup i did. it's tasteless. and the sauce? gheez just spicy nothing special. so weird. everyone in the uk loved it except us 3 who came there. and my friends who came with me in KL didn't like it either. kenny roger's is much flavorful hehe.