Mar 6, 2009

kl: little taiwan

first time i tried little taiwain, i got shocked with my bill. here's why. i ordered salted chicken. it's just chicken leg fillet fried with the end bone still in tact the one near the feet still with some yummy tendons to munch on. the rice is served pinoy turo turo style with some sauce on top and had a side dish of pickled veggies, more like radish, carrots and cabbage kimchi.

nothing was really spectacular about the dish, so when i got my bill, i was so shocked to see more than RM15. huh??? how did that happen, i thought it was just RM12++, ahh the culprit - service charge. i thought only little taiwan imposes service charge, however, when i dined in esquire again, i found out they too put on service charge but meals just cost much less, thus the lower total bill.

so again i find myself thinking on where to have dinner. no choices really since i was too lazy to go out so i opted to go to little taiwan again (practically inside the hotel i'm staying in). making sure i only get something cheap, i chose tang tang noodles (RM 7++). flat noodles served in a broth with lots of garlic chives, sauteed pork and uber yummy meat balls plus an egg that's probably cooked in tea or something else. liked this one because it's really flavorful and similar to esquire i got loads of noodles which i wasn't able to finish up.

happy with my last outing, i tried it once again, this time i ordered one of their milk teas with pearls. ordered green tea but it's peach in color and tasted like flowers the flavor i don't like when it comes to teas, i find it expensive at almost RM6.

i wanted something light so i ordered wanton soup and special meatballs. the wanton soup was so so, i filled myself up with the broth and the meat...just flour. it looked like those shrimp balls you get at chinese restos and those were packed with shrimps so i was just imagining this one packed with ground meat and there's none in sight. this outing was a strikeout.

after three meals, i'm not really convinced with this place but i'm sure with a week to go, i might find myself eating here again.

p.s. before the upload i ate here and tried braised pork noodle. the bowl of noodles is much flavorful because i chose the spicy variant hehe...the pork is so tender you will not have any complaints. so i guess l.t. scores 50-50.

little taiwan
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  1. malaysia is a real food adventure. try going to jalan alor at night and choose among the many food shops there.

  2. yeah i'd have to eat there soon.