Mar 17, 2009

kl: tokyo at paddington

paddington house of pancakes or PHOP has a very nice ambiance unlike the casual setting in our own pancake house. the resto is pretty much black and white - white walls , marble tabletops, the lights are those iron chandeliers in black. if you'd think about it could be a formal dining place but it's just a casual resto you'd see in several malls here in KL.

i was out of the city one weekend and i couldn't decide where to eat until i finally chose PHOP. ahhh what to eat??? a hundred selection of pancakes in various forms and origins (is this the same concept as IHOP? 'cause my perception of ihop is more casual like a diner.)

tokyo (RM 20++) is one of their pannekeok - a thin pancake which is similar to a crepe. they filled it with shredded greens served with mashed potato on the side and chicken with bacon, tomato and mozzarella cheese. oh isn't it perfect??? the bland crepe is perfectly complemented with the savory side dish. hot thin crepe filled with greens could sound weird but it worked for me. take note that food here in KL is relatively bland and i'm trying to get accustomed to it. so think about the chicken dish with nearly no salt but of course the contrast of flavors from the tomato, cheese and bacon is still there.

what i liked about the menu is that the variety of "pancakes" to choose from and not only that but the pairings. i always like my pancakes with something savory and back in manila you are limited to a couple of side dishes like the usual sausage and bacon. but in this resto, they offer more. plus they serve the meals in hot plates. two thumbs up if you ask me. definitely, PHOP is already in my fave restos list.

p.s. i was told that the midvalley branch has pinoy waiters so it's probably easier to dine. filipinos serving pinoys in foreign lands are much nicer hehe.

paddington house of pancakes
midvalley megamall
the curve

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