Mar 2, 2009

woori jib

gearing away from the traffic on valentine's day, we decided to eat somewhere nearby. i immediately thought of woori jib which i've read about a couple of times already.

got free pumpkin soup which is good but cold. then a couple of appetizers which i all liked especially the potato and tofu.

wanted to get something hot so we ordered kimchi chigae (PHP250), kimchi soup with pork and tofu. ahh loved this dish and even though we were gearing away from rice we had to eat it with rice. it's just the perfect combination. the spiciness cuts through your throat as if clearing your air passages this dish smells like pork and beans actually.

ordered the staple samgyupsal funny because they put PHP250 per serving but minimum of 2 orders so basically it's PHP500. this would have to be the perfect samgyupsal that i've tried so far. the thickness of the meat is just right and since they cook it in front of you it doesn't get overcooked. though i would have loved the greens to be more fresh.

as if the freebies are not enough. we get another one, sizzling hot soup of tofu, fresh green onions...forgot what's in it already. since we so loved the kimchi chigae and it came before this one, this simply was too bland for us.

after a long time , the jap chae (PHP300) finally came. huge serving with loads of ingredients. one thing that bothered us though was it was not hot and to think this order took the longest time. i should have complained, maybe next time.

overall, this was a good meal. servings are huge and with the food we ordered it could actually feed 3-4 people but it was finished by two, our excuse? we didn't eat lunch and this was around 8pm already...yeah right! =).

woori jib
kalayaan avenue q.c.
from elliptical road it's on the
same side as the quezon city hall
a couple of establishments after trellis and adarna

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