Apr 23, 2009

heavenly kopi buns

i was at the verge of passing out because of hunger when i smelled a familiar scent...kopi buns!!! i immediately lined up and got myself one.

the outer crust is not hard like the ones i've tried before. the outer layer is like a chewy cookie, has a crustlike skin but still soft in the inside. and when you've come past the kopi layer you will find yourself with a soft pillowy bread smothered with loads of butter. oh men! this is awesome, or am i just too hungry that i deem that these are the best kopi buns i have tried?

as i sit at the concourse level of suriaklcc amazed with my new discovery, my friend arrives and tells me that indeed these are great kopi buns and people line up for it and sometimes you'd end up with nothing after lining up because the kopi buns are still in the oven.

how could i have missed this??? rotiboy is the name of the place and if you've travelled by train going to klcc you will definitely not miss this. i've passed by it several times but the the wafting scent of the buns in the oven never allured me.

after my long tiring day at the pc fair with boxes in tow i still managed to come back to rotiboy to get some more kopi buns to take home. the buns are better when freshly made, i got them newly baked but i stored them at room temperature tightly sealed in a plastic bag and probably the steam somehow made the ice crust a bit soggy when i ate them for breakfast. they have reheating instructions so i guess it would have been best to have stored it in the ref and then reheated.

if you plan on going to klcc on an early morning, skip breakfast and have some great kopi buns from rotiboy at RM1.80 a piece, i'm sure you will not regret it.

concourse level, suriaklcc
kuala lumpur

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