May 3, 2009

kl: ampang duksoo-nea

duksoo-nea is one of the korean bbq restos near jalan ampang in kl. the landmark is ampang point, i'll post the exact address below.

got complimentary soup, similar to woori jib's plain soup with tofu and greens.

first time on the reusable metal chopsticks =).

speciality? sampgyupsal...yup i was a bit disappointed that they basically offer just samgyupsal. so no japchae, kimchi chigae or chilli octopus =(. but they have good samgyupsal similar to woori jib, the samgyupsal here has the right thickness and the meat is tender.

(the hand is the waiter's, they cut the pork for us)

also, i liked the fact that they keep the side dishes flowing, the refills are continuous for the lettuce and side dishes and you don't have to request for it. one order is RM 17 which is basically three slices of pork belly, we averaged one order per person - starving bunch of people. even if i was not craving korean i was pretty happy with the meal.

ampang duksoo-nea restaurant
B2-1 jalan ampang utama 2/2
taman ampang utama
tel: 03-4257-9655
mobile: 012-605-9655


  1. That looks utterly scrumptious! I'm suddenly craving Korean food now...

  2. really good samgyupsal =)