May 17, 2009

summoned by the ministry of food

i first learned about MOF (ministry of food) japanese sweets and coffee while watching one of those AFC shows. i was excited when i found out they have a branch here in KL.

japanese desserts are not sweet which makes you guilt free when you get your desserts from MOF. but a slimming dessert??? it's like you've hit the jackpot. mitsu mame with kanten jelly is one of their bestsellers. it's similar to kozui's anmitsu except they serve it with vanilla flavored soft serve and of course with kanten jelly which is supposed to be slimming. the jelly doesn't have any taste but if you eat it with the ice cream and other fruits it's quite flavorful but if you really have a sweet tooth pour the black sweet sauce that comes with it.

you cannot see the jelly because it's hidden at the bottom but they just look like clear gulaman cubes. with the nice mochi balls and fresh fruits that come with this, i'd have to say i like this one better than kozui's anmitsu. this dessert is named shiratama kurian and costs RM13.

but the one thing that really got stuck in my head is macha imo (RM12). deep fried sweet potato with softserve ice cream, i got mine with strawberry.

the hot and crunchy sweet potato croquettes gives a nice contrast to the sweet and cold soft serve ice cream. loved it! if you guys find yourself at the pavilion mall, you ought to check out this place.

same level as the food republic
near mercato
pavilion mall
bukit bintang, kl


  1. That looks quite interesting. I've long been a fan of kuri-an (chestnut paste); it's so much better than the usual red bean paste used.

  2. i wasn't able to try the paste...maybe next time