May 23, 2009

kl: dragon view

anyone kl bound would probably come across a blog post on dragon view. because of the good food? perhaps. or maybe because it's located at jalan alor (the famous hawker street in kl) and is open 24 hours. so any tourist that decides to go there at anytime would probably end up dining here.

i had friends visiting from singapore so we got several items from the menu. we wanted soup, they were out of bak kut teh so had to settle for pork with bitter gourd (ampalaya). i actually like amapalaya and the soup wasn't bitter at all. this costs RM 13 and is good for 3-4 persons.

what's a meal without rice? so we got kampung fried rice (RM 25) because this is the only variant that is not spicy. kampung means countryside/province...this one has turmeric which gives it the yellowish color and lots of shrimps. the serving is huge could feed probably 3-5 persons depending on appetite.

but one of the reasons i wanted to try this place was because i was craving for duck. ordered half a duck thinking the servings here are as small as manila's but no! it was huge, really huge. however, it did not meet my expectations. the skin was not crispy and the meat was not tender. enough said. at RM 24, i'd rather not order it again. i have yet to find some good roasted duck here...probably in the hawker stalls =).

ok, i've saved the best ones for last. i love frog. i know some of you might be squirming right now. but frogs are delicious with a delicate flesh, it's good white meat think chicken sans the 'lansa'. my previous betute experience kinda disappointed me, frogs are not meant to be fried well overcooked actually because the meat gets tough. but if you cook it in a different method like adobo or stir fry then it's absolutely perfect. like this frog with leeks and ginger (RM16) loved this one.

and the best dish for all of us is...butter squid (RM 16) yup butter squid not battered squid. squid deep fried in butter??? i'm still trying to figure out how they cooked it whether solely in butter or oil mixed with butter. the batter/flour is so buttery that you'll just love eating it.

so if by any chance you'd find yourself in jalan alor and hawker stalls are not opened yet, give dragon view a shot. i'd recommend the frog and butter squid but you can try other dishes that you might fancy.

dragon view
81 jalan alor off jalan bukit bintang


  1. the rice and duck looks good

  2. the rice was good. the duck is a huge serving but not good. i have to find a good hawker stall which serves roasted duck.