Jul 28, 2013

nyc: 50/50 at shake shack

i've read so many reviews on shake shack. so of course i gotta try it!

the drink was easy to decide on, i didn't want to get a shake even though its name is shake shack. i wanted to try something a little different though and read a recommendation about the fifty fifty which is iced tea and lemonade so i got that. it was actually good, in retrospect isn't it just iced lemon tea? but it was perfectly balanced no distinct tea nor lemon taste and just the right amount of sweetness.

i just wanted to get the shack burger which is just cheeseburger with the shack sauce but the lure of the shroomburger is hard to resist. ok, shack stack it is. it's a combination of the shack burger with the "shroom pattie". but since i wanted to savor the shack burger on its own i removed the shroom pattie. the verdict? again, the bun was good just like gray's, it was soft and nice but it all ends there. i cannot even taste the beefiness of the burger and the shack sauce had nothing as well, zilch nil nada! so i bite into the portobello mushroom that was stuffed with muenster and cheddar cheese breaded and deep fried. nothing there as well.

i was disappointed with the burger. earlier on while perusing the yelp reviews, i thought that it's because of the palate. that some people just have a more distinct palate that's why they appreciate food much more. i consider myself one of those people. but in this case there wasn't really anything special about the burger. unless the one i ate was a bad batch??? the shroomburger was dry i can compare it with a similar burger/pita at the borough  and that one was good. honestly, i wouldn't line up again to get this burger. i've tried another burger chain, famous in the DC area and i think it fared much better than shake shack, watch out for my post on it :).

shake shack
681 8th ave.
new york, new york


  1. Shella, so sorry to hear about your experience at Shake Shack, and that your burger didn't live up to your expectations. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our food, but it sounds like we dropped the ball this time. I hope you'll give us another chance to find things much improved.

    Apologies once more,
    Shake Shack

  2. hi brandy,

    thanks for the feedback. hopefully if i get the chance to try it again, it would be much better.