Oct 11, 2011

24/7 at the borough

i have always wanted to try the borough and when i saw vouchers i knew i had to buy them. i decided to have breakfast here as soon as i flew into manila. so straight from the airport we went to podium.

i was disappointed to find out that they only serve breakfasts items in the morning. but i asked if i could have the cheese injected portobello pita pocket and luckily they obliged. it was good, really good but unfortunately i forgot to take a picture!!!

here's my mom's omelette. nothing extraordinary...she didn't finish it it was too huge and it was too rich for her.

my dad's steak and eggs, it was a disappointment. why? can you see that it isn't a steak? it's sliced up beef and this doesn't compare to mr jones which my dad appreciated.

though i was happy with my pita pocket, my parents weren't happy with their meals so it was a major downer. because i hate it when people dining with me don't enjoy their food. plus, we saw small cockroaches crawling over our table. we reported it to the wait staff and i hope they did something about it. the dark atmosphere in the resto makes me wonder how clean it really is.

the podium

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