Oct 18, 2011

i dreamt of cannoli

i have always been interested on cannoli. it's a tubelike pastry that has been fried and filled with ricotta or mascarpone well i don't know which cheese it is traditionally made of but basically it's crispy pastry filled with cheese, so who wouldn't love that???

when i realized i was going to the us, i searched for places where i can get it. because of the italian theme of the hotels/resorts in vegas, it wouldn't be difficult to find an italian resto or bakeshop which sells it. read about tintoretto at the venetian, so when we were there my friend and i grabbed desserts before heading back to our hotel.

that's my cannoli, i think it cost me around 6USD. well i wasn't impressed. i believe there are better ones out there i just have to keep on looking. the pastry shell wasn't that fresh, i hate candied fruits and unfortunately their version has it and i was surprised they drizzled chocolate sauce on top of it when it should just be dusted with sugar. anyway, i hope to try other ones in italy or new york or wherever there's an italian community so i can find the cannoli i am looking for.

tintoretto bakery
the venetian
las vegas blvd.

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