Oct 10, 2011

kl: a german fare

my cousin and a friend were both in kl for a visit. they just wanted western which is so much cheaper in kl compared in sg, i was clueless and been wanting to try weissbrau.

steak with spaetzle and sauerkraut

steak with rosti and veggies

i forgot! this was mine...after some googling i realized this is stroganoff...not even german!

the spaetzle we all liked, rosti is the potato pancake, how can you go wrong with that? the meats are tough. yes the steaks are not that great according to my friends and cousin who all ordered it. my stroganoff wasn't tender as well :(.

dined here a different time and we had the german pizza and sausages and pork knuckles which are far better than the food we had on my first outing. so i guess stick to the sausages and pizza and you will be fine and don't forget some hoegaarden.

pavilion, bukit bintang

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  1. What a nice dish you have in here! I've tasted once the steak with rosti and veggies and it sticks over my tongue. I would love to eat that until I get full! haha. It destroys my diet plan! ampf..

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