Oct 10, 2011

kl: the living room at westin

the support team lead from the uk was on vacation in kl and i was asked to organize a team lunch, the best and most sulit buffet is at the shang and we've been there several times so i wanted to try something new. tried the westin hotel's buffet.

appetizers - melon with cheese on top, fennel with dressing, chicken and peppers salad, veggie terrine (i liked this) and some chicken coldcut

grilled lamb, spring roll, carbonara, salmon and mussel...nothing extraordinary

fried shrimp with a special sauce - yummy! i forgot what the other one is, i think it's oxtail curry it was also good, the meat was tender.

i love bread pudding i got a huge serving :D, the vanilla sauce has visible vanilla beans, a mocha/cappuccino mousse of some sort and pistacchio ice cream - i should stop getting pistacchio i don't like it.

the living room
westin hotel
bukit bintang, kl

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