Aug 15, 2010

dining with mr jones

first culinary stop during my stay in manila, straight from the airport i had to sample mr jones' offerings. was thinking of getting the tapa overload and the superman burger with the hopes that my dad will be lured by these items to help me finish them, but then he said he wanted something light...oh no!!!

anyhoo here are the items we got...

blueberry granola shake (something like that) PHP250 the drink with the lowest calories i reckon, among the caloric shakes and malts...i so love this but you shouldn't finish it alone otherwise you will be full.

mr jones garden salad (PHP350) greens, walnuts, shaved cheese, eggs, a yummy crouton of some sort among many others and a red wine dressing (well i think it's red wine based since it's reddish but could be just balsamic too) healthy, light and yummy.

steak and eggs (PHP525) my tito ordered this, wow super heavy if you look at it. fluffy scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, steak with portobello mushrooms and this rich buttery sauce which i dunno what. loved them all but not really a fan of the steak though tender i deem it wasn't a good cut...i'm very critical with steak nowadays.

two dogs in a bed (PHP220) decided to get this instead because i also want something light. high grade dogs and flavored fries...nothing really to rave about though.

i would still have to try the tapa, the burger and the french toasts...i just need to make sure the ones i'm dining with are up for the challenge. the place is a bit cramped if you ask me and i didn't like the fact that there was a huge fly hanging around at the middle of our meal since we dined outside. anyway, the food is good...the outdoor seating i'm not really a fan of.

mr. jones
greenbelt 5

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