Aug 7, 2010

pj: westlake dimsum buffet

was browsing through my daily dose of promotions when i saw that westlake offers RM48 for a dimsum buffet. i've read the reviews and i've not read anything bad so i dragged along tfc (pinoy officemates) to try out the buffet.

basically, the buffet has 2 parts, the dimsum menu which you order ala carte - yup everything is freshly made for you. and of course a couple of tables for appetizers, entrees and desserts.

so here's what i got.

buttered prawns, mango-crab salad and seabass??? i forgot the one at the back but it was a fish dish. everything was nice the salad was refreshing perfect for eating in between the fish and prawns. and then i saw this shooter, how could i resist??? the baby octopus shooter was nice, the jellyfish at the bottom was also good.

was lucky to chance upon the roasted duck that was freshly carved and brought out from the kitchen...tender and succulent, i really love duck - only when it's made well.

and the following items are the dimsum we ordered, which we all shared.

fried dumplings

fried scallops wrapped in bean curd me thinks...loved this one

raddish/carrot cake forgot which one with floss...totally forgettable

chee cheong fan...smooth, thin rice wrapper with stuffing which i forgot what...mildly seasoned it was nice too.

siew mai (yes siomai!) pinoy dimsum staple

hargau (yes hakao!) another pinoy dimsum staple :)

with some seafood items from the menu which are part of the buffet still.

seafood and bean curd dish

sweet and sour fish

salt and pepper shrimps

another shrimp dish...we were expecting another salt and pepper shrimp since we ordered again when the first batch ran out....but they gave us this and twas so "shrimpy" i think they used a bad batch of shrimps for this one.

egg tarts

for my desserts.

ginger flan or something like that...i love similar types of desserts - flan, creme brulee, panna cotta, i hope you get the picture. this one is smooth and silky but the ginger doesn't really suit my palate.

green tea custard/panna cotta topped with strawberry...i love green tea, i love strawberries so i picked this one. nothing spectacular though. basically just something sweet to end a very flavorful meal.

it was a good meal, despite some misses. overall, i was happy about it. however i was disappointed to find out that drinks are not included even tea, as far as i can remember it was clearly stated in the ad that drinks are included. so it ended up roughly 60rm for each person, which made me reconsider whether it is worth it. anyway, my friend paid using his amex and lo and behold we got 50% off woot woot. the food wasn't a disappointment but maybe you should bring a bigger appetite to make it worth your ringgit.

westlake chinese restaurant
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