Jul 3, 2013

nyc: rocco's pasticceria

i have done my research. rocco's has one of the best cannolis in manhattan. they are filled by order so you are guaranteed freshness.

i was so excited that finally, i will get myself a good cannoli. after all, outside italy probably it is most ubiquitous in nyc. i got myself a regular cannoli, not a mini but the regular size, because i was anticipating a mind blowing experience.

the shell was thin and crisp it was perfect. the filling, bleh! maybe it's me, maybe i've made up this ideal construct on what a perfect filling for a cannoli should be and unfortunately the authentic/real one does not meet my criteria. why did this fail me? the filling was so sweet and i couldn't find any creamy/tangy flavor from the cheese. all i can taste is the powdered sugar, i was so disappointed. in restrospect i liked the filling from tintoretto more, if only it didn't have the candied fruits! the mini fruit tart looked gorgeous and it was nothing to rave about as well. maybe their other pastries are better since this is a famous place in the west village.

rocco's pasticceria
243 bleecker st.
new york, new york

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