Jun 30, 2013

nyc: gray's papaya

i've seen it in the movies and tv shows so many times. it was a must that i try gray's papaya.

i had the recession special, 2 dogs and a drink.

i like the bread, the bun was soft but it was a bit toasted on the outside. the dogs? they were thin and salty, that's it. nothing amazing, it wasn't even that flavorful, it has a nice snap but that was it. i opted for sauerkraut and onions. the sauerkraut deemed to be the perfect choice as it balanced out the saltiness of the hotdog. as for the onions it was sliced onions cooked in a red sauce with not much flavor at all, i really couldn't make much out of it, it wasn't sweet, it wasn't tart as well since i thought it was cooked in tomato sauce. it didn't really add anything. maybe caramelized onions would have been perfect.

the drink was good though, it doesn't taste much like papaya but it was a milky fruity drink not too sweet, enough to quench my thirst. for 5 bucks in new york city, i wouldn't complain, still a perfect quick bite.

gray's papaya
cor of broadway and W 72nd
cor of 6th and W 8th

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