Jun 19, 2013

kitchen's best

it was one traffic jammed night at C5 and i was so famished that i convinced my dad to go to bgc to grab a bite. unfortunately all the parking areas in the high street area were full. i thought of going to eat well since my dad loves chinese food but i dunno where it was exactly and where to park. i just had the car parked somewhere near where i think eat well was but since it was raining i didn't want to walk far and then i saw kitchen's best across the street so that's where we ate.

40 50  cloves chicken. i forgot the exact name it was falling of the bones tender and my mom loved the garlic and olive oil.

beef belly with tomato and red wine? i was having a gastric attack so i didn't get this but my dad did. it was actually sweet which my dad didn't like. and since i got the beef belly too but with mushroom gravy, we swapped viands. both were tender but my tito's serving got lots of fat, i do hope they ensure each serving has the right amount of meat and fat.

the desserts were too tempting plus i know that they are famous for their cakes as well. got the ube and mango sans rival. my malaysian adjusted palate couldn't take too much sweetness but they were both good., equally good, i guess it depends on your mood. when you want to relive your childhood of ube macapuno ice cream because that's what the oldies want, then the ube flavor is more comforting. if you want something fruity with some amount of tartness to counteract the cloyingly sweet meringue then go for mango. bottom line is, it's meant to be shared :) .

kitchen's best
mckinley park residences
3rd ave 31st st. the fort
(right across the parking area beside the mind museum)


  1. I love their 40 cloves of garlic chicken :) yummy ube cake huh!

  2. haha, i added 10 more cloves! it's ube flavored sans rival so kinda sweet.