Jun 22, 2013

nyc: chipotle

finally i get to try chipotle. i love mexican food though i am not a fan of burritos because of the rice. i was thinking of getting a salad bowl and then some nachos but realized it's better to get the tacos instead. i'm practically getting the same things with less calories =).

got the regular serving which is 3 pieces of tacos (didn't know there was an option of getting just 1 piece had i known, i probably just got 2 =). chose barbacoa as a filling had lettuce, green salsa, corn salsa and cheese and requested for guacamole which apparently is charged at an extra cost.

i needed an extra kick and good thing they have chipotle tabasco =) and izze a nice sparkling grapefruit juice that balanced out my meal. definitely satiated my mexican food cravings.

E 52nd st. and lexington ave.

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