Jun 19, 2013

gourmandise patisserie

i love puff pastries!!! there's something about the soft pillow insides and crunchy outer skin of a choux pastry and rich vanilla custard that entices me. so when you talk about eclairs, artisan eclairs at that, i imagine the best cream puff i've tried but in an elongated shape with a mind blowing filling other than custard and a delectable topping/frosting as well.

the eclairs of gourmandise patisserie were none of that. they were small, dry and none of the flavors were distinct, i expected the raspberry would be oozing with flavors of raspberry - tart and fruity or the dulce de leche really tasting like the rich south american caramel, but none of them were like that. below are the ones i got and none really wowed me so to speak.

maybe it's just me, maybe i do not have an idea on what french eclairs should be. i grew up with dunkin donut's eclair which were long doughnuts filled with bavarian cream and topped with choco frosting. of course those aren't eclairs as they weren't choux pastry. all i can say is, i was really disappointed, they weren't what i expected them to be. and costing almost a 100 PHP each is quite a luxury, i'm glad i didn't buy all the flavors.

gourmandise patisserie
bgc, taguig

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