Jun 21, 2013

nyc: the best new york cheesecake?

my first meal in nyc!  junior's is famous for its cheesecake but it also has a restaurant. i visited the grand central terminal branch since it was the closest to my hotel.

i was a bit shocked to see that everything were in disposables i.e. paper plates and plastic knives and forks. well atleast they were using paper plates and paper bowls and not the styrofoam kind!

i had a lunch delight which was a choice of soup and half a sandwich, it wasn't really a half sandwich but a smaller sandwich using a roll.

i tried the matzoh ball soup, i have always been keen to try matzoh ball and i finally took the plunge. it was nice, the matzoh ball was very soft and flavorful but i think that they used artificial flavoring the matzoh ball tastes like knorr chicken cubes or maybe they used canned chicken broth to make the matzoh ball.

i had a corned beef sandwich...it was ok. i didn't try the bread since i was trying to cut back on carbs. it looks small but it was really substantive. who wouldn't want fresh corned beef in a sandwich right? it was a bit salty for me but i've had acquired the malaysian palate which has low tolerance for salty foods so it should be alright for others.

and of course, i have to try their famous cheesecake. it was wet! only the top part was baked/cooked through, the middle part was a bit wet and it doesn't have the rich cream cheese goodness.

i just read a blog post on authenticity and deliciousness. authentic does not always mean it's delicious. if this is what a new york cheesecake should be like then i prefer the asian versions of the new york cheesecake. cooked through, dense and oozing with that cream cheese flavor.

grand central terminal
new york city, new york
check out their website for other branches

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