Jun 19, 2013

an afternoon at cake club

unfortunately i failed, apparently i still have some leftover posts from 2012. anyway here it is. when in manila i  try to maximize my day and do as much errands as i can or eat at as many restos as i can. i had a dinner get together with some of my ex colleagues in mckinley so i decided to schedule my spa treatment in the afternoon and had a super late lunch at the cake club before heading to mckinley hill.

foie gras macaron, i love foie gras and this really piqued my interest. it was bleh. the filling wasn't rich it was missing something i couldn't figure out what maybe it needed more foie gras or maybe it just needed more salt? and i am not fond of the macaron itself it was airy and "chunky" i dunno how to explain it of course it wouldn't fare well against laduree and pierre herme in terms of texture but for me i think some home bakers could have done better with the texture and at 150 PHP, just forget it.

mentaiko spaghetti, it's one of their famous dishes. this was a tough choice i wanted to try their burger and beef belly too but this one won me over.

it was ok, nothing mind blowing about it. i actually was able to replicate it. i'll write about it on a separate post.

i still wanna go back and try the other dishes, maybe i'll get lucky and get a wow moment :).

cake club
bonifacio high street central
the fort, taguig

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