Jan 28, 2013

lunch at mangetsu

to compensate for our not so fantastic christmas dinner we decided to have lunch at the much talked about mangetsu in jupiter. b and c have been here so we were sure that we won't be disappointed.

uni tempura - as if we haven't had enough tempura? of course this was done right, thin and crispy batter. they have the signature kropek (prawn crackers) in the stick and rectangle forms. i wanted to try uni since some of the foodie bloggers i read enjoy it and this was perfect because it's cooked not raw. verdict? i will never have uni again haha. not that it's not good, it's just that the creamy fishy taste doesn't suit my palate well. plus the fact that i had to eat most of this because it was my order and my friends only tried one piece each me thinks.

chicken karaage, tender flavorful chicken pieces with 3 kinds of salt. i liked the spicy one.

spicy tuna salad, ok this one was so so. i wanted it very spicy and creamy and the tuna didn't have that. i still think haiku's spicy tuna is the best.

sukiyaki - something to balance our meal, something with a sauce and the right amount of sweetness and saltiness to avoid any cloying effect of the fried stuff we got. this was good, just the right balance of flavors. it was served in this huge inverted hat looking iron dish.

it was a good meal, a nice yearend lunch with my favorite tweeties.

jupiter street
makati city

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