Jan 13, 2013

kl: royale vietnam

i am in search of a good vietnamese restaurant in kl and when vouchers were made available for royale vietnam, i grabbed one.

my "clean"  buco

fresh spring rolls...look at that fancy garnish. now i know why this resto is named royale vietnam. the food is well decorated fit for royalty. noting really special on this one.

another fancy presentation for the fried spring rolls. this was really oily and not crispy as the ones i've tried.

forgot to take a picture of the ox tail stew which tasted like a mild caldereta. our meal cost a little over 100RM, i got the 100RM voucher for 50 so it wasn't that bad. but i wouldn't pay these items at full price. 

royal vietnam
starhill gallery
bukit bintang, kl

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