Jan 16, 2013

pj: kechara oasis restaurant

i have not blogged much about my vegetarian dinners. actually, my colleagues and i enjoy eating vegetarian. we are lucky enough that there are a couple of nearby vegetarian places. the quality of the vegetarian restos here are really amazing especially when it comes to the fake meat and seafood.

anyway, kechara is one of the finer vegetarian restos we visit. here's dinner in one of our outings, i forgot the exact names (sorry).

delicate block of tofu which a brown savory meat sauce. i liked this one the best because it was delicate and yet flavorful.

butter mushrooms, another style of anything buttered this one is rather saucy. creamy cheese sauce with curry leaves and bird's eye chillis in some occassions. this one was fried oyster mushrooms, what i didn't like was the sauce that wasn't cheesy/buttery or milky at all and it was a tad sweet.

"fried eel" this was just mushrooms, yums.

japanese/eggy tofu with chilli sauce, just so so.

a bit more sophisticated vegetarian restaurant which offers great service, nice ambiance and good food.

kechara oasis restaurant
jaya one
jalan universiti

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