Jan 9, 2013

kl: mexican fix at fresca

blaming it to d who posted a picture of her enchilada that suddenly i had a craving for some yummy mexican. i did some googling and found out there's a new mexican resto at the gardens which i wasn't aware of.

empanadas? i forgot if these were indeed empanadas. it had a different dough compared to the empanadas i have tried and i'm not talking about just filipino empanadas but the ones in south america as well. it was nice....would have wanted to try the stuffed jalapeño but my lunch partner wasn't keen on spicy stuff. 

beef enchiladas with refried beans and mexican rice. it was just the right amount of serving, perfect for one starving person hehe.

i would like to go back and try the other items especially the stuffed jalapeño.

the gardens mall
midvalley, kuala lumpur

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