Jan 8, 2013

pj: food foundry

food foundry is a neighborhood joint in seksyen 17. it's one of the restos in happy mansion. we like the ambiance of the resto though the area is generally spooky aka dodgy.

i've eaten here a couple of times but i only managed to take a picture of this one. it's chicken cordon bleu. very hefty serving i love chicken cordon bleu and this one was pure lean chicken. i would have wanted though a creamier mashed potato.

the place serves fabulous mille crepe that i should take pictures of! i'll try to find if i have a picture of that and insert here.

addendum: yey i found a picture of the first mille crepe i had which was strawberry :). it was yummy.

food foundry
happy mansion
seksyen 17, petaling jaya

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