Jan 28, 2013

lugang cafe

finally, i get to try lugang as they opened a new branch at my side of the metro.

vietnamese spring rolls, nothing really bad about this one...my dad's order, he's starting to like vietnamese food or maybe just the spring rolls. the rolls could have been better if they were more golden and crunchy. i dunno why the texture doesn't have that popped skin effect which is common  on vietnamese spring rolls even with my homemade one.

wonton soup, it's a staple for my dad. he loves soup so we had to get one. had to request the kitchen to reheat it, it wasn't as hot as we expected but quite nice.

just your typical yang chow.

salt and pepper cuttlefish, super tender cuttlefish wonder how they do it. hopefully they can make the breading more crisp and there's not much salt and pepper going on there, it lacks flavor, we used the dip of the vietnamese spring rolls which made it perfect.

three cup chicken, this was a winner, tender chicken pieces piping hot in a thick flavorful sauce. no wonder this is one of their bestsellers. perfect for a steaming bowl of rice, skip the yang chow!

there were still glitches on the service, but they have only been opened just a couple of days when we visited so i understand. there are flies inside the resto...they should close their door even if it makes the area less spacious or if it means alienating the customers seated outside. i highly recommend the place especially for families. the food is good and they have reasonable prices, which was a total surprise considering the ambiance is several notches higher than your typical chinese restos which have the same price points. now i understand why they have a lot of patrons, you guys should try it.

lugang cafe
the block, sm north edsa

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