Jan 8, 2013

kl: dimsum bargain

i found vouchers for 4 baskets of dimsum for only 10RM! yup so it means that one basket is roughly 35PHP. it's one of those places nearby my house not sure if the name of the resto is aked esplanade. it's a chinese resto in taman esplanade. anyway i just wanted to share the pics for this dimsum bargain.

fish paste roll wrapped in beancurd sheets??? 


siumai with fake fish roe they used sago!

forgot which type of siumai this was same fake roe on top they used sago but this one is better the the first.

charsiu pao - i didn't like the filling and dough


the items were average but the siumais were huge! i said 4 for 10RM, i had 2 vouchers so we actually had 8 baskets/plates, we got some of these items twice. the dimsum were very hot so i was happy with them. otherwise, it could have been a dismal meal, but for 20RM with 8 baskets/plates, one shouldn't complain.

if i suddenly get a dimsum craving atleast i can go to this place which is actually walkable from my condo now that i've thought about it. but i would still trek to jalan ipoh to satiate my dimsum cravings.

aked esplanade
taman esplanade, bukit jalil
kuala lumpur 

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